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The Green Economy in the East of England

The Green Economy in the East of England

The East of England is a key region in the UK’s transition towards a greener economy. It is arguably unrivalled in the UK for its unique energy mix. The East has over 50 years of expertise in the oil and gas sector, the world’s largest offshore windfarm development, and nuclear energy production. But the green economy is about more than the energy transition from fossil fuels to low carbon. It encompasses a complex supply chain across numerous industries, including construction and manufacturing, to bring about net-zero carbon emissions and sustainable development.

This paper provides a brief overview of the green economy and the policy context in which this is emerging. It also provides a top level analysis of green businesses and jobs in the East of England, relative to other regions and nations in the UK, and an outline of the challenges facing the region in meeting the ambitions for a net-zero economy.

December 2023
Press Release
Key findings:

The Eastern Powerhouse would like to see a coordinated, regional approach to the development of the green economy. This could include:

  • A regional net-zero institution ‘Green East’ connected to an Office for Net Zero Deployment

  • A green investment zone, building on any of the many 'green hubs' present in the East

  • A Green finance hub; a regional investment fund, connected to a UK green taxonomy, to attract investment groups

  • Government should back at least one Trailblazer Net Zero city in the East of England

  • Government and Ofgem will need to ensure investment in the regional grid network

  • A regional skills observatory to improve the supply of skills training to meet the demands of businesses in the green economy.

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