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Our Vision


A Unifying Vision for the East of England

The Eastern Powerhouse (EPH) is an independent, business-led, membership body that represents the entire East of England. Our goal is to drive economic growth, investment in skills, innovation, and transport to enhance productivity across the region. By collaborating with the private sector, universities, colleges, local authorities, and political parties, the EPH serves as the unified voice of business leadership in the East of England. Our core mission is to maximise the region's assets and unlock growth opportunities for investment, achieving local, national, and global impact.

‘The East punches above its weight and is a net contributor to economy. We have all the hallmarks to deliver the most innovative jobs and career aspirations in the country. The fastest ability to decarbonise thanks to our leading green technologies throughout the area and cutting-edge science and medical facilities thanks to the expertise in our area. Now is the time to launch the Eastern Powerhouse, to ensure as the government levels up across the country, the East is front and centre of their minds’

Duncan Baker MP

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