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Briefing Note - Our Aims

Briefing Note - Our Aims

The regional approach is getting results across the UK (the Northern Powerhouse, the Midlands Engine, the Western Gateway).

The East needs a strong regional voice or it will continue to go unheard and miss out on vital investment.

The Eastern Powerhouse will platform a single interconnected region, to showcase the East’s untapped potential and unlock the many opportunities for growth.

The Eastern Powerhouse will make the strategic case to government to invest in this burgeoning economic powerhouse.

March 2022
Press Release
Key findings:

The East of England is the 4th largest economy and the 3rd most productive in the UK, with leading businesses in key sectors.

Yet the region could achieve so much more.

Productivity is broadly in line with the UK average but lagging London and the South East.

Closing the productivity gap with the South East would add £31.2bn to the national economy each year.

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