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AgriTech in the East of England

AgriTech in the East of England

This short paper provides an overview of the AgriTech sector in the East of England and a summary of the discussion from a recent event about AgriTech, hosted by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in Cambridge.

AgriTech is an emerging global industry and a small but important sector in the East of England. The East has the second highest proportion of AgriTech businesses among all regions and nations and a competitive advantage in ‘AgriScience’ relative to the UK as a whole. This sub-sector accounts for almost 70% of all turnover in the UK.

Partners in the East should co-create a vision for AgriTech in the region and generate a set of achievable asks that can provide the pathway for accelerated growth in the sector.

Press Release
June 2024
Key findings:
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