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New year, new ambitions

Ours is a unifying vision for the East of England. We aim to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth across the whole region. Despite being one of the largest and most productive economies in the UK, the region faces underlying challenges such as high levels of deprivation, low skills and incomes, and poor health outcomes. Closing the productivity gap between the East and the Southeast could contribute £36bn annually to the national economy.

Transportation infrastructure is identified as a major barrier to growth, emphasising the need for a modern, integrated transport system to connect villages, towns, and cities. Addressing the skills divide through lifelong learning is also crucial for unlocking the growth potential of the workforce.

The East is at the vanguard of new sectors like life sciences, advanced engineering, agritech, and renewable energy, presenting opportunities for transformative sustainable development.

The Eastern Powerhouse is the vehicle to implement this vision, attracting government and private sector funding, and advocating for comprehensive investment across all communities in the East of England.

Our key aims are:

  • Drive economic growth and raise productivity across the East of England

  • Create more higher-skilled and better-paid jobs

  • Raise skills and educational attainment

  • Rebalance investment in R&D and vital infrastructure, including transport and housing

  • Promote the region as a place to work, study, and live

  • Platform the region's world class assets and global reach.


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