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Linking the economies of the East of England to create more jobs

"Linking the economies of the East of England together through strategic investment in transport, telecommunications, and tech could supercharge growth and create more jobs and opportunities across the country.

We cannot afford to continue underestimating Norwich – or indeed the East of England as a whole."

Chloe Smith MP

Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North with Chair of the Eastern Powerhouse James Palmer at our event in Norwich 15/07/22

Event overview

Our fifth networking event, held this time in Norwich, successfully connected local businesses and wider stakeholders, and fostered a meaningful conversation on the needs of the area.

Please see the below video for a snapshot of the event:

Media coverage

The event received a strong suite of media coverage, something we believe will only support the pursuit of our ambitions further.

In the Eastern Daily Press article, linked below, Chloe Smith's aspirations for Norwich and the wider East express themselves as the desire to see large scale infrastructure projects being used to lay the groundwork for development in the region. She also recognised the way in which Eastern Powerhouse would be contributing to fulfilling these aspirations.

In the article, linked below, several of the Eastern Powerhouse's key arguments are highlighted. That the return on investment for money spent in the East is proportionally greater than anywhere else in the country. For more information, please take a look at the article.

To the right: Our Chair James Palmer speaking with Look East about our organisation and its objectives from the Norwich event.

To the left: Our Chair James Palmer speaking with Radio Norfolk about our Norwich Event and explaining what our organisation is and what it aims to achieve.

To the right: Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North, who was our guest speaker and host, speaking with Radio Norfolk about our organisation, the Norwich Event and her belief in what we're trying to achieve.

Chloe Smith MP gave an enthused keynote speech in which she conveyed her belief in our projects ambitions and an alignment with its goals. She recognised, as we do, the strength in the dynamism of the East's economy, and emphasised how focussing on infrastructure may lay the groundwork for future development.

We are immensely appreciative of the support of local MPs, which creates an aspiration on the type of relationship we would like to build between Government, stakeholders and the Eastern Powerhouse.


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