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Eastern Powerhouse Response to Autumn Statement 2023

James Palmer, Chair, Eastern Powerhouse

So, another statement from the Chancellor comes and goes and still the East is virtually invisible in government policy.

Whilst the Chancellor lavished praise on constituencies across the country, his sole mention of the east was for housing development in Cambridge. Hardly reflective of the importance the east of England as a contributor to the UK economy as a whole. The Eastern Powerhouse supports initiatives to help grow business and support the self employed but it really is time that government recognised the east for the economy powerhouse it is.

While initiatives to help life science start ups grow and national funds for science, technology and energy may find their way to the east eventually, there are to be no further investment zones for the east – a quite staggering omission, given the geographic spread and population of the region.

So, while the east contributes 8.5% of gross domestic product, is a net contributor to the treasury and has a larger population than Scotland, we still seem to be invisible to the treasury. The Eastern Powerhouse will make sure the chancellor is informed of our disappointment.


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