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Eastern Powerhouse Letter to SoS Kwasi Kwarteng on Eastern Energy

The Eastern Powerhouse has sent a letter to SoS Kwasi Kwarteng at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy outlining our concerns about decisions relating to energy production in the East, and the need for a dedicated Eastern Energy Strategy.

You can find the full text of the letter, below:

TO: SoS Kwasi Kwarteng MP

Dear Secretary of State Kwarteng,

I am writing to you with significant concerns regarding the current lack of a clear and coherent energy plan for the East of England.

The latest delay on a decision on Sizewell C - the proposed 3.2-gigawatt nuclear plant in Suffolk which could be a vital lynchpin in the East`s promising energy sector - is symptomatic of a broader pattern of missed opportunities when it comes to the East.

As the only part of the UK to have oil, gas, solar, wind and nuclear power, as well as a soon to be announced opportunity for tidal power, the East is in a unique position to provide the necessary energy to power both London and the West Midlands.

Through our green energy production, the ability to make, store and pipe hydrogen directly into London should be at the heart of the UK’s energy plan. There is also a significant opportunity to store carbon in the many empty oil and gas fields in the North Sea, a possibility which I do not believe has been adequately explored by government.

The East of England is a designated region of the UK, with a population of 6 million. It has the 4th largest economy, but continually lacks government investment and is often overlooked or simply lumped in with the Southeast. Yet the East has the ability to deliver significantly more to UKPLC through its network of excellent business sectors, provided it receives the strategic and targeted investment it needs.

I urge you to work with the Eastern Powerhouse to deliver an energy strategy for the East of England that takes advantage of our natural resources and delivers for the UK.

Sincerely yours,

James Palmer Chair Eastern Powerhouse

You can download the full version of the letter below:

EPH Letter - Kwasi Kwarteng - Energy in the East
Download PDF • 145KB


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