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Eastern Powerhouse hosts its Annual Westminster Dinner

On 12th September we hosted our Annual Westminster Dinner, attended by Eastern Region MPs, Peers, and Business Leaders.

Discussions concentrated around the clear need to have a strategic vision for the whole of the East and how we can help drive this agenda forward.

Both Daniel Zeichner MP and Matt Warman MP delivered remarks and we are truly grateful for their continuous support:

Daniel Zeichner MP said:

"One of the problems we had in the East is that the destruction of the regional structures back in 2010 left a gap between Whitehall and the localities. There is a real thirst across the region for something in-between the two; and I am very pleased that the Eastern Powerhouse has brought together so many people in business and industry."

Matt Warman MP said:

"[...] as Daniel said, there is genuine cross-party consensus on the huge value of the East to the broader economy. The East can be a Powerhouse and I am very happy to be here tonight, supporting this vision."


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