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Trade Mastermind

Based in Peterborough, Trade Mastermind offers focused training and support for tradespeople aiming to enhance their business skills and performance. The business was founded in 2020 by Joseph Valente, BBC Apprentice Winner, and former CEO of the largest independent boiler installation company. Our programs, including the CPD-accredited “7 Figure Business Builder Academy," provide comprehensive skill development in business planning, strategy, marketing, and sales, tailored specifically for the UK construction industry. With a blend of expert-led instruction, practical experiences, online learning, and networking opportunities, we equip trades business owners for rapid success. Through a 12 months transformational programme, business owners learn how to get more leads, close more sales, and make more profit by building a scalable, systemised business in construction.

The Eastern region presents unique opportunities, especially in fostering a green economy and supporting the high-priority sectors of energy and technology. However, it also faces challenges such as housing shortages and the need for skilled labour, particularly in construction. By joining the Eastern Powerhouse, Trade Mastermind aims to contribute its expertise in training and development to help local businesses overcome these barriers, ensuring they are well-equipped to capitalise on the opportunities for growth and innovation. The partnership supports the Eastern Powerhouse's focus on economic development and infrastructure, underscoring Trade Mastermind’s commitment to fostering a robust local economy through education and development.


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