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NIAB is an internationally recognised Centre for Crop Innovation, providing an integrated research and knowledge transfer hub addressing the global challenges of food production, climate change and environmental protection.

The independent research organisation has rapidly expanding research capabilities in plant genetics, agronomy, farming systems and data science, the largest national field trials capability, and strong research links with industry, Government and academia. With headquarters in Cambridge, and regional offices across the country, employing more than 400 people, NIAB provides scientific research, technical services and practical advice to improve the yield, efficiency and resilience of crop production across the arable, forage and horticulture sectors.

Privatised in 1996, NIAB is a not-for-profit organisation with independent charitable status. It receives no core funding from government and any profits are re-invested into future research. The ambition is to provide world-class research, information and advice to support crop production through innovation in crop genetics, precision agronomy and knowledge-based decision support tools.

NIAB offers exceptional research and service provision. It also looks to attract co-investment from commercial partners to accelerate the creation of new technologies, products, IP and start-up companies, particularly across the East of England through its initiatives such as the Eastern Agritech Innovation Hub and Barn4. This is alongside its strong farmer and trade membership base in the region, evaluating variety performance and quality in the field, conducting crop agronomy research and ensuring the benefits of new knowledge and genetic potential are transferred on to farm.


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