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Asynt started off as a manufacturing specialist in laboratory glassware and heating devices. We have expanded to supply a range of solutions from flow chemistry, and photochemistry, to larger reactors for up-scaling. Asynt products provide sustainable environmentally friendly options for chemists through the reduction of oil or water waste, whilst incorporating unique safety features and designs focused on ease of use. Our dedication to providing the right solution for each customer, whether that’s with an off-the-shelf product or a custom-made collaboration ensures that chemists get the best equipment for their purpose.

Asynt collaborates with manufacturers to supply UK and international laboratories. We also distribute external brands and promote other businesses that align with our customer’s needs. However, as Asynt has expanded to a greater number of customers, both within and outside of the UK, greater infrastructure is needed to sustain our growth. The rural location of Asynt presents issues of housing and travel for potential future members of the team. 


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