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Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. We supply water and water recycling services to almost seven million people in the East of England and Hartlepool.

We were the first major utility to enshrine our purpose in the fabric of our company constitution: our Articles of Association. Our purpose is to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to Love Every Drop.

Delivering on our purpose is becoming increasingly challenging. We are managing water resources in a region that is water scarce, vulnerable to climate change, has many precious environmental sites to protect, a fast growing population, and a sizeable agricultural economy that relies on water to feed the nation.

However, this presents us with many opportunities to better support the communities and places that we serve, as water is increasingly crucial to their ability to thrive. Water underpins economies and businesses; it impacts the quality of green and blue spaces, and it is a key enabler for housing growth, particularly in our fast-growing region.

We want to play our part in enabling the East of England to thrive, and we’re excited to join with Eastern Powerhouse and others across the region to help deliver on that aim.


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