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Governance & Structure


The Eastern Powerhouse will be a partnership organisation with membership comprising leading businesses, in key industries and sectors. It will be the leading voice of business and civic leadership across East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Greater Peterborough, Lincolnshire, and North Essex).

Initial set-up

The project will be set up and managed by ResPublica, a Westminster based Think Tank. ResPublica will run the Eastern Powerhouse as an independent cost and research centre. ResPublica will provide the executive and secretariat functions for the Eastern Powerhouse as well as its policy research and advocacy function. This will be similar to an existing Lifelong Education Commission, serviced by ResPublica and chaired by Chris Skidmore MP.

The overarching work and direction of the Eastern Powerhouse will be governed by an advisory board, comprised of members including representatives from the public and private sector as well as MPs in the region. This will be chaired by James Palmer (the former Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Combined Authority). The advisory board will be the central decision-making unit responsible for strategy and policy and will set the priorities for action and research. Phillip Blond will be the executive officer and direct the ResPublica secretariat that will resource the organisation. 

An interim advisory board will be formed from the initial membership of the Eastern Powerhouse, following a launch event in March 2022.
As membership grows, we anticipate that the advisory board will become elected by the membership with a set number of seats and reserved places for businesses, public authorities and MP’s. Private businesses will form the majority of board members.



Similarly, as membership develops, we will create individual workstreams for strategic priorities in the region (e.g. housing, transport, skills) and key business sectors (e.g. biotech and agriculture). Members will join the individual workstreams that interest them most. Each workstream will have a Chair who can direct and facilitate the work and interests of each stream. We also anticipate that as time goes on these chairs will be elected by the membership of each workstream. Members may join more than one workstream if their interests extend to more than one area. 

Area Office 

The intention will be to set up an office in the region with dedicated staff to run regional and local events and aid engagement.


The membership fees will support the staff costs and overheads, including media and advocacy for any research we produce. Research projects and reports will be funded by members.

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