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Colin Noble is a third-generation Housebuilder. He has worked as a plc Sales and Marketing Director, been a Director of a Local Enterprise Partnership, and co-founded a Modular Construction company. Colin has a long track record in local government, having served as Cabinet Member and then Leader of Suffolk County Council. He has been a Forest Heath now West Suffolk District Councillor for many years. He is a past Chairman and current member of the East of England Local Government Association's Outcome and Improvement Board. Nationally, he has served two terms on the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board. Colin is a national Local Government Association Peer and is elected to the Conservative Executive of the LGA. 

Colin runs a multi-discipline consultancy with over 37 years of experience working with clients from private developers, Local Authority Housing Companies, Housing Associations, Build to Rent and Retirement Living providers. Connecting clients and successfully navigating through frameworks, DPS and public procurement processes to build quality, private & social, homes through understanding the needs of clients, communities, buyers and tenants. Using experience and focused on delivering solutions on Modular Construction, Net Zero Carbon, sustainable housing, Housing Retrofitting and eco heating, Hydrogen production and strategy, and transport.

Image by Julien Riedel
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