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Deputy Director

‘Green East’ - The East of England can head the UK’s green economy

Policies for a green economy must respond and be tailored to the unique regional context.


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What we can do for the East

‘The East punches above its weight and is a net contributor to economy. We have all the hallmarks to deliver the most innovative jobs and career aspirations in the country. The fastest ability to decarbonise thanks to our leading green technologies throughout the area and cutting-edge science and medical facilities thanks to the expertise in our area. Now is the time to launch the Eastern Powerhouse, to ensure as the government levels up across the country, the East is front and centre of their minds’

Duncan Baker MP, North Norfolk

Unlocking the Region’s Potential

The Eastern Powerhouse is a dynamic, business-led, independent organisation that aims to create a strategic argument for investment in the East of England. We will promote the East as a world leader of innovation in green energy, technology and life science. We will support sustainable business growth that leads to better opportunities for people across the East.

The East has long been the forgotten corner of the United Kingdom, but we will speak for the whole of the region, calling for investment into health, education and infrastructure and showing government that funding here will gain significant return, not achievable elsewhere. Our businesses are already world leaders, and the East of England is now ready to unlock the potential it has shown over the last 40 years.

Image by Nicholas Doherty
Image by Tom Juggins
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