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Milbank Group are a family-owned business consisting of a portfolio of diverse and unique companies, growing rapidly through acquisition. Our businesses are generally leaders in their market for service and product quality, and we strive to promote a supportive and inclusive working environment for our staff, whilst treating our suppliers and partners with respect and fairness.

Our acquisitions are viewed as long term, patient investments. We feel we are custodians of our businesses and have a duty to improve their environmental and community impact. Our aim is to not only improve our own environmental performance, but to also influence and inspire the markets that we operate in.

The businesses within the Group are mostly based in East Anglia, with Milbank Concrete Products, in its 75th year in 2022, located in Earls Colne, Essex. Contributing to and giving back to the community that they operate within is part of the DNA of the Group, from offering local employment to supporting schools, sports clubs, charities, and other notable causes.

We believe that reducing the harm to our planet is the greatest challenge we face, and we can’t move fast enough. So, whilst we have businesses that by their very existence are harmful to the environment, we believe that we can, under our custodianship, not only make a big difference to our impact but hopefully influence others to do the same.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional businesses to acquire, focussing our efforts on helping improve their sustainability, their people, and their profit.

Our employees’ challenges are our challenges too – from the shortage and price of housing and availability of adequate and reasonably priced public transport to the rising cost of living. We understand that our people are the most important part of our businesses, and we are committed to supporting and nurturing our staff as a priority.


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