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AGR specialises in innovative development, funding, structuring and delivery of clean, low-carbon energy projects that are financeable, support landowners economically and meet the investment criteria of institutional funds.

We support investment in the East of England to enable the region to fulfil its economic potential on the European stage. AGR has secured £85m inward investment to support sustainable farming and a further £115m for the generation of renewable solar energy, with several successful solar projects in East Anglia contributing to sustainability targets and generating opportunities and growth.

In Suffolk, we developed one of the most eco-friendly solar farms in the UK. Working with Great Glenham Farms, alongside energy generation we were committed to increasing biodiversity; a wildflower sward and native-species hedgerow was planted, while the site is grazed by the farms’ flock of sheep, maintaining agricultural output. The farm contributes approximately 17,650 MWh of electricity into the local network each year; enough to power 4,150 local homes.

We alsodeveloped 69 MW of ground-mounted solar installation in three phases near Ely in Cambridgeshire. Stowbridge comprises 24.3 MW across 63 acres and over 79,000 panels, while Fenland and Green End comprise 20.4 MW and 24.5 MW respectively over 155 acres. The installations power over 15,000 households a year.

Most recently, we have built four large-scale commercial glasshouses (22ha) in Cambridgeshire with associated equipment to irrigate the plants. It is powered by a 34 MW water-source heat pump, one of the largest applications of this green technology in the UK. It will produce 15 million cucumbers per annum (10% of the UK’s annual consumption) with 280 people employed on site.

We have a solid pipeline of solar projects in the East of England and are positioned to facilitate and manage the move to a localised supply of green hydrogen, with the potential to revolutionise the way power and heat is delivered to transport, homes, businesses and industry. We are seeking new opportunities in both agrisolar and green hydrogen generation for both commercial and residential applications, including automotive power. Bringing more agrisolar sites on stream will enable clean-energy production while maintaining the area’s agricultural productivity.




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